Kingdom: Creating Dynamism through Quest Generation and Adaptive AI


     Adam Porroni:
     Sriraman Subbaraman:
     Spencer Miller:

Faculty Advisor:

      Professor Norman Badler


The goal of this project is to add dynamic qualities to a gameworld in order to establish a greater level of depth and fundamentally redefine how gameplay works. We will design and implement “Dynamic” NPCs (non-player characters). A Dynamic NPC (DNPC) will operate as a thinking entity in the gameworld. Each DNPC will have an AI that attempts to accomplish the tasks generated by the role of the character. In attempting to fulfill a role, the DNPC may need to accomplish a task well outside its skill set, and at that point it would spawn a player quest and the content related to that quests. This system creates a dynamic world for the player to play in, one that changes without the player's direct input. In addition, because quests become necessary for the success of the DNPCs, they make much more sense to the player, and can provide a greater sense of accomplishment. However, the greatest consequence of such a system is the evolution of game world simulation, from a fundamentally static environment to a dynamic one.

Our task is to make a “Kingdom” of DNPCs, a self-contained and yet self-sufficient community of dynamic characters within which a human player can immerse himself or herself.