Maya files used in this reel:

Facial Rig:

I rigged and animated this head model (supplied by CGSociety's free model pack). The rig uses a combination of wire deformers and two bones, one for manipulating the skull and another for the jaw. The wires are displayed in blue, to the left of the model.

Cartoon Rig:

I modeled, rigged, and animated this character, Herbert, for use in the final project of an animation class. The facial rig depends mostly on clusters, with a wire deformer for the eyebrows. The video also demonstrates Herbert's foot roll setup, as well as his use in the final animation.

Scene Graph/Ray Tracer:

Coded in Java (using JOGL for the openGL bindings), the scene graph/ray tracer was an ongoing project in my graphics class.

Smoke Emitting Fluids:

I worked on this project with classmate Mark Henderson. We used AGEIA's PhysX library for the basic fluid simulation, and a modification of Jos Stam's 2D smoke for the smoke simulation. Coded in C++.